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Dance Classes

Have you ever wanted to take a salsa dance class? Learn to waltz? Preparing for your first dance at your wedding? Or just wanting to be active? Dance Dynamics is a dance school which specializes in ballroom dancing, as well as social dancing. We offer both private lesson packages, as well as group classes.

Private Dance Classes

dance classes

Our private lessons can be 30 minutes to an hour of one on one time with an instructor. If you are a couple then it is the two of you and the instructor. Here we will go over the dance style you wish to learn from basic form to advanced movements. Progress at your own pace and feel free to ask questions. Our goal is to take you as far as you want!

Introductory Package Dance Classes

For first time students at Dance Dynamics, you can save 50% on this package, normally $250, you only pay $125! You receive:

4x private dance lessons

2x Group lessons

Book your introductory dance package here!

Click here for more information on our group classes.

Wedding  Dance Classes

Let us help take some stress of you for the big day! Using our introductory package, we will work with you on your wedding dance. We customize to dance style and song choice you have made. We would love to help you and your fiance have a romantic and lovely first dance as a married couple! Please let us know any songs or styles you would like to incorporate into your wedding dance when you first book with us.