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Dance Dynamics: Saskatoon’s Premiere Dance Studio

Dance Dynamics is Saskatoon’s premiere social dance studio! Our instructors have over a combined 60 years of teaching. With all this experience, we can have you dancing the basics in just a few minutes.

Our programs include such dances as Two-Step, Jive, Waltz Swing, Fox Trot, Rumba, Samba, Tango, Bolero, Salsa, and the list goes on! You can choose one dance or a dozen of your favorites.

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Private Lessons

Our private lessons can be 30 minutes to an hour of one on one time with an instructor. If you are a couple then it is the two of you and the instructor. Here we will go over the dance style you wish to learn from basic form to advanced movements. Progress at your own pace and feel free to ask questions. Our goal is to take you as far as you want!

Group Lessons

Group lessons give you a chance to learn to dance with others. We usually offer a group lesson once per week focusing on a particular style of dance. Everyone is welcome to our group lessons!

Dance Parties

Dance Dynamics instructor teaching a couple in the studio

The idea of dance parties is to give students an opportunity to use what they are learning… to get acquainted… to dance with a variety of partners… and to practice their dancing under ideal social conditions and of course, to enjoy a social night out!

Extra Practice

Feel free to use the studio where the facilities and environment are more conducive to practice. It is only natural that practice cuts learning time and makes you a better dancer! Feel free to ask about using the space!

Competition Training

For the more serious dancers, we offer an excellent training and coaching program to prepare you for dance competitions.


Contact Us

To learn more or book a session, please call us at 306-244-1441 or email dance.dynamics@sasktel.net.

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